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Daily maintenance work of wet curtain air cooler

We need to do daily maintenance work when using any mechanical products. The same is true for wet curtain air coolers. What are the daily maintenance work of wet curtain air coolers?

1. Clean the chiller sink. Open the drain valve and rinse it with tap water. If there is more sediment or debris, take it out and rinse it with tap water.

2. Clean the evaporation filter, ie the wet curtain. Remove the wet curtain and rinse it with tap water. If there is something difficult to wash on the wet curtain, first pour it with tap water, then spray the air conditioner cleaning liquid on the wet curtain. After the cleaning solution is completely saturated with the wet curtain for 5 minutes, Rinse with tap water until the impurities on the wet curtain are removed.

3, the maintenance of the wet curtain air cooler when not in use for a long time. First, close the chiller water source valve, remove the wet curtain, and drain the water in the water tank to thoroughly clean the chiller water tank. After cleaning, replace the wet curtain, turn on the air cooler, and supply air for 5 minutes to 8 minutes. After the wet curtain is blown dry, turn off the total power supply of the air cooler.

4, the removal of odor. After using the wet curtain air cooler for a period of time, if the cooling fan is not cleaned and maintained, the cold air sent by the air cooler may have an odor. At this time, just clean the air cooler wet curtain and the water tank according to the above second step; if still Odor, in the case of booting, add some oxygen-containing disinfectant to the chiller sink, so that the disinfectant fully saturates the wet curtain and all corners of the chiller. Repeated disinfection several times to remove the odor of the chiller.

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