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How to deal with the wet curtain air cooler without cooling

When we use the wet curtain air cooler, sometimes we encounter a more common fault, that is, the wet curtain air cooler does not cool, then how to deal with such a situation? Let us look at the cause What are the possible causes of this failure?

1, the water level is low, the float valve adjustment error

Solution: It is better to adjust the water level to about 80-100.

2, the drain valve is stuck

Solution: Replace the drain valve.

3. Filter water distributor is blocked

The filter water distributor is more likely to be fouled, and timely cleaning is very important to prevent the occurrence of fouling.

4, the filter is dirty

Long-term use of the air cooler filter will inevitably cause dirt. If it is too dirty, it must be cleaned in time.

5, water pipe fouling

If the water quality is unclear, it is easy to cause such problems. In time, it is best to clean it after the end of each day, which will extend its service life.

6, the pump burned

This is the most serious problem, and it is also a problem that directly leads to non-refrigeration. At this time, it should be replaced in time, and regular inspection should be carried out in normal use, so that the incidence of failure can be reduced.

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