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China's refrigeration equipment technology still has a lot of room for development

In recent years, China's refrigeration equipment technology has developed rapidly, but compared with developed countries, we still have a lot of room for development in terms of machine manufacturing precision, processing technology level and material selection.

At present, in the research and development of screw refrigeration compressors, China has also made great progress. The screw refrigeration compressor technology with multiple patents and independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by Xi'an Jiaotong University and a company won the national scientific and technological progress. The second prize, its energy efficiency and noise and other indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Semi-closed or open piston compressors and screw compressors for industrial refrigeration equipment. Although domestic refrigeration compressors have made great progress in terms of technical level and processing technology in recent years, due to the problems of materials, processing precision and assembly technology of components, there is still a certain gap with the technical level of foreign brands. The failure rate is high, the noise is too large, and the shape is bulky.

The quality of the refrigeration compressor is inextricably linked to the quality of the upstream machinery, equipment and components, which will directly affect the performance of the refrigeration compressor. With the continuous improvement of the research and development level of refrigeration compressors in China, the capital accumulation process has been gradually completed, and the technical strength has been further strengthened. If China's compressor manufacturing level with independent intellectual property rights is further improved, equipment processing accuracy and production efficiency are further improved, its market share in the domestic and foreign markets will be greatly enhanced.

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